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Private Trig tutoring
will improve your
child's confidence
and grades.


 Personalized Learning

Your child’s Trigonometry tutor will provide
focused instruction and move at exactly the
right pace for your child’s evolving needs.
Together they’ll work through your child’s
actual textbook and assignments.

  Exceptional Instructors

Our Trigonometry tutors have extensive math
experience, with degrees from some of the
country’s most elite universities. They’re
passionate about what they do, and know
how to engage and connect with students.
Meet them >

  In-Home Convenience

No need to drive your child anywhere. With our
innovative Live Tutoring program, your child
works with his or her Trigonometry tutor from
the convenience of your home computer. It's like
having a private tutor right at your kitchen table.

About PrepNow Trigonometry Tutoring

Trigonometry is a major stepping stone to advanced high school math,
requiring an understanding of complicated mathematical concepts,
including the relationship between angles and sides, circular functions,
graphing and polar equations.

Many students are able to “wing it” for a while, but if your child plans to
move on to Pre-Calculus, Calculus and beyond, it’s essential to have a
solid grasp of the material. Mastering Trigonometry can also give students
an edge on the SAT and ACT.

At PrepNow, we can help your child excel at Trigonometry, with rigorous,
one-on-one online tutoring. Our math tutors are some of the most qualified
in the country, with extensive experience, degrees from top universities
and—just as important—a love of teaching.

Your child’s tutor will customize each Trigonometry tutoring session to match
your child’s individual needs, helping him or her master key concepts, tackle
tough problems, and more effectively prepare for tests and quizzes. And thanks
to our convenient, online tutoring platform, it all happens when and where it’s
convenient for you.

At PrepNow and our sister program StudyPoint we've helped tens of thousands
of students fulfill their academic potential. We look forward to helping your child
do the same.

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Robin D. $75 per hour

Math tutor Robin “Rob” D. has helped a diverse pool of students from 8th graders to graduate students achieve their academic goals. “It is quite enjoyable seeing someone have that " I got it" moment," he says.

Bachelor's in Chemistry, Hendrix College
Master's in Theoretical Population Genetics, Univ Of Georgia

Tennis, Martial Arts, Bowling

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Sebastian R. $60 per hour

A well-rounded educator, Sebastian R. works with students to become more independent problem solvers. “I try my best to show them a systematic way of approaching their problems so that when they feel lost, they know what steps they can try in order to make progress,” Sebastian shares.

Bachelor's in Mathematics, New York University

Tennis, Poetry, Basketball, Chess

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Seth M. $60 per hour

“I love helping students understand what they're doing so they can be successful without me,” says Seth M. Seth has nearly two decades of experience tutoring students in math and sciences.

Bachelor's in Zoology, University Of Texas

Video Games, Guitar, Movies

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Thornley J. $75 per hour

Thornley J. describes himself as a “patient and attentive tutor with a driving passion for science and technology.” Thornley has helped over 300 students to achieve their goals, and he serves as the manager of a tutoring center.

Bachelor's in Physics, University Of Texas At San Antonio