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PrepNow Tutor - Jordan D.

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Jordan's Bio

Jordan is driven by a desire for understanding all aspects of life and is inspired by the opportunity to help others learn in creative and unique ways. He holds a BS in physics with a minor in mathematics from Northeastern University. Throughout his career, he has independently trained individuals and companies in various software and hardware, worked in partnership with NASA at a local botanic garden in Miami, Florida, and is pursuing a career in cybersecurity and data science. Jordan was fortunate enough to be present at the first light of the James Webb Ground-based Telescope at Florida International University in Miami and helped to install and calibrate the telescope during his time there. As a student, he received the National Merit Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

“I enjoy the moments of clarity achieved by students I work with, when they suddenly understand a concept in a way they thought previously impossible,” Jordan says. He has been tutoring since high school, when he first started helping peers and younger students, and has continued to do so throughout his career ever since. In addition to his experience tutoring test prep, for years he has taught students from elementary school to college. Jordan prefers working individually with students, so he can get a specific assessment of their learning style, and works with them to use methods preferable to their advantage. He explains, “I find that most curricula teach math by rote--which a majority of students find disorienting and discouraging--when many of the subjects they're studying can be learned and understood in a variety of ways. Their discouragement stems from a prohibition of their personal application to the problem, in favor of the prescribed method.“ As such, Jordan always approaches his lessons in a creative way specifically designed for the individual student.

Jordan started an intramural ultimate frisbee club in high school and began rock climbing as a hobby in college. He runs a weekly Dungeons and Dragons campaign for his local friends in Miami, FL.