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You've come so far -
an exceptional
college essay is
the final step!


 Personalized Advice

Your private college essay coach will provide
personalized, one-to-one instruction focused on
your child's specific essay. They'll brainstorm
topics, develop drafts, and produce a final essay
that shines!

  Exceptional Instructors

Our college essay program provides highly
personalized one-to-one instruction that
focuses exclusively on your child's essay, and
our talented instructors are the centerpiece of
our program. Meet them >

  In-Home Convenience

Our innovative Live Tutoring platform enables
your child to work with his or her college essay
instructor from the convenience of your home
computer. It's just like working with a tutor at
your kitchen table.

About PrepNow College Essay Coaching

At a time when admission officers are heavily focused on GPAs and
test scores, the college essay is your child's chance to stand out. Yet it's
not uncommon for even the most talented writers to find themselves
struggling with the process.

The essays ask students to write deeply personal narratives, an
intimidating prospect that requires a rhetorical style very different
from most high school assignments. As admissions become
increasingly competitive at every level, one needn't wonder why more
students are seeking the advice of an expert when it comes to crafting
a meaningful college essay.

Our College Essay Coaching program gives your child the benefit of a
dedicated professional coach to guide him or her from brainstorming
to final draft, with the goal of developing a truly outstanding essay.

Because a student's personal statement should highlight his or her
singularity - the unique contributions that he or she would make to a
school - our instructors guide your child toward a final essay that is not
only well-organized and polished, but which effectively showcases his
or her personality and individual voice.

At PrepNow and our sister program StudyPoint we've helped tens of
thousands of students through the years. We're leaders in private,
one-to-one tutoring, and our results speak for themselves.

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Daniel P. $150 per hour

"I enjoy developing rapport with students and bringing out their ability to excel academically," says tutor Daniel P. A PhD candidate who has worked as a university lecturer, Daniel uses his pedagogical knowledge to tailor his tutoring for each student.

Bachelor's in History, University Of California
Master's in History, Stanford University

Ballroom Dancing, Reading

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Emelia B. $75 per hour

“I like to think of tutoring sessions as discussions rather than as lectures and I find ways to connect with the students so that they are really applying themselves and getting the most out of the time,” Emelia B. says. A test prep tutor, Emelia also has experience teaching ESL and German.

Bachelor's in Linguistics, Scripps College

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Jacob D. $100 per hour

Tutor and former standardized test grader, Jacob D. helps students to strategize and build strong study skills so they are prepared and feel in control when they walk into a test. “I love setting goals with students, developing strategies for the ACT and SAT, and getting those ecstatic emails where I found out they increased their scores by even more than their goal!”

Bachelor's in Theatre, Northwestern University
Master's in Teaching, Hamline University


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John S. $150 per hour

"I try to teach my students principles about good writing that they can take with them in their future academic and professional lives," says tutor John S. A writer and graduate student in English literature, John loves to read, write, and help people improve their writing.

Bachelor's in English, University Of Chicago
Master's in English, University Of Houston