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PrepNow Tutor - Elliot E.

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Elliot's Bio

An extroverted nerd who loves finding out how things work, Elliot earned their BS in science and mathematics from Washington and Lee University and their MFA in dance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During their studies, they were the recipient of numerous awards and grants. Professionally, Elliot works as a dancer and choreographer--combining spatial geometry and number theory with their choreographic practice--and a scholar and educator who focuses on bringing the "individual" into the classroom. Elliot has been tutoring and teaching since they were in high school and plans to have a career teaching in higher education. In addition to being a practicing artist, they’re a dedicated tutor.

Elliot started tutoring in the eighth grade, helping their sister on GRE math prep. In high school, they volunteered as a tutor and were ultimately hired to tutor calculus during their undergraduate tenure. “I have always loved teaching and helping students to understand how to tackle problems and to empower them to demonstrate how truly brilliant they are!” They’ve now been teaching and tutoring for over a decade, mentoring students in high school level math, science, college-level calculus, writing, and dance technique, composition, and theory.

“I believe in empowering students to harness their innate potential,” Elliot says. “I take root in political pedagogical methodologies to create situations that teach students how to take tests, alongside what the test will cover. This way, the student is able to access their own world experiences, training, and knowledge to take the test in a way that will work best for them. I aim to facilitate that through learning about the student, asking guiding questions, offering helpful tips, and always framing challenges as opportunities for growth!”

Elliot has been dancing since they were two and choreographing since late high school. In high school, they served in student government, performed in theatre, and competed in math competitions. In college, they worked as a social media manager for the campus and as a resident advisor for upper-division and first-year students. Fun fact: Elliot won a state-wide calculus contest when they were a senior in high school, which is their nerdiest claim to fame. In their downtime, Elliot loves to watch and analyze television of all genres, to record musical covers with their family, and to read stories with their niece.