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PrepNow Tutor - Matthew K.

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Matthew's Bio

Enthusiastic and friendly, Matthew knows that in order to help students feel comfortable with difficult material they should have a welcoming learning space. Matthew graduated with honors from the University of California, San Diego with his BS in applied mathematics. He’s worked in several positions including configuration analyst and research analyst but is currently focusing on his teaching career.

Math has always come easy for Matthew, and so by high school, he was tutoring friends and peers in math. Later, during college, Matthew co-founded a tutoring organization focusing on calculus for engineers. Since college, he has taught full PSAT, SAT, and ACT curriculum to high school students as well as students in their mid-20s. His familiarity with test prep and experience in math tutoring has allowed him to become a well-rounded and insightful tutor for students.

During tutorials, Matthew prefers to maintain positive energy to present an authentic teaching style that fosters a productive learning environment. “I like to laugh when working and enjoy explaining the concepts behind problems,” he says. By maintaining a welcoming learning environment, students can explore their learning styles and understand how and where they struggle without feeling pressured. Matthew believes that when students have the space to ask questions and make mistakes, their study and comprehension skills naturally strengthen.

Alongside a passion for teaching, Matthew loves music. In college, he co-founded a hip-hop organization that he still runs today. Puzzles and strategy also hold a fascination for Matthew, and he can proudly say that he once solved a Rubix cube in under 60 seconds. He’s also quite fond of chess, and his favorite openings are the Ruy Lopez and the Kings Indian, though notes the Philidor is fun too.