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PrepNow Tutor - Sebastian R.

Photo of Sebastian R.
Sebastian's Bio

A well-rounded student and educator, Sebastian earned his BA from New York University where he majored in math and minored in creative writing. During university, Sebastian tutored with a program that worked with New York public schools. He tutored students in reading and math for all four years he was there. He found that he loved being able to get his students excited about learning and helping to reduce stress and complexity surrounding the learning process. Since graduating, Sebastian is pursuing a career as an actuary.

Sebastian is also passionate about his heritage. He is Jamaican and volunteers with a nonprofit that works with underprivileged students in Jamaica delivering STEM education. He is comfortable tutoring a variety of subjects, especially math and reading. His favorite thing is seeing the joy on his students’ faces when they achieve their goals and understand topics that seemed impossible to them before.

During a tutoring session, Sebastian works to be as engaging and interactive as possible. He relies on asking his students questions as they work toward solutions which helps to ensure that they do not lose track of the process. Understanding the process will help students to approach problems more independently in the future. “I also try my best to show them a systematic way of approaching their problems so that when they feel lost, they know what steps they can try in order to make progress,” Sebastian shares. Additionally, as a tutor, Sebastian feels very strongly about the importance of developing rapport and praising the processes a student does well in order to build their confidence. “I try to highlight any value that I can find in a student's approach even if it was being applied incorrectly because I think it's very motivating to know that one's way of thinking is valuable.”

When he was in school, Sebastian participated in a number of activities including basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, chess club, Key club, Young Entrepreneurial Society and in college was in Circle K International NYU Caribbean Students Association. In his free time, you would likely find him playing tennis, doing puzzles, or reading and writing poetry. Interestingly, Sebastian met Usain Bolt and got his autograph before he broke any world records.