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PrepNow Tutor - Anmol S.

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Anmol's Bio

In addition to her Economics BA, she also has 8 Associate of Arts degrees, one of which is Interdisciplinary Studies: Elementary Education Teacher Prep Associate in Arts. After graduation in California, she became a credentialed tutor at her local school district as well as a substitute teacher. She worked as an in home private tutor for elementary level students to college level students. The subject matter varied between K-12 math, science, social studies, reading, writing, and college math.

Anmol currently works in the Chicago area as a trained online tutor in math courses up to pre-Calculus and also does one on one sessions in person. She fell in love with teaching when she first started working as a tutor and was assigned a group of high school math students for each period, "the first day they all came to class grudgingly because they were all struggling in math and no one was there to help guide them. That is when I applied by methods of tutoring and teaching to help them understand that math can be easy if we use the correct approach. After the session was over, they had beaming smiles on their faces and they told me, 'Wow I never knew math is actually fun.' I knew from that point on I wanted to have a career in teaching math."

7 years later and Anmol is still working as a math tutor and loving it. Anmolâs teaching philosophy is the famous proverb: "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime." It is easy to just give an answer to the student, however, they will not understand how to approach the problem at test time because they were never actually taught to find the answer. Therefore, her teaching style is to explain concepts in steps. This allows her to check in with the student and assess if they need more assistance with a certain concept/step. She bases her approach on the students' learning preferences and abilities to cater to their specific needs. Many students are intimidated by math, so Anmol tries to remove that fear by slowly turning fear into fondness through building up confidence.

Outside of her passion for teaching, she is a foodie who loves to road trip and is always in search of delicious foods around the United States. One day she hopes to become high school math teacher. She loves spending time with family and her 2 year old son.