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PrepNow Tutor - Kevin L.

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Kevin's Bio

A dedicated and hardworking educator with years of experience in the field, Kevin has a passion for math, science, gaming, and other nerd-related things. He holds a BS in physics with a minor in math from Boston College and has worked in education since graduating. He's currently a high school math teacher with five years of experience teaching in two schools and as a tutor for various companies.

Kevin started tutoring after a friend referred him to a position. He quickly realized he was a fun and capable instructor and he hasn't looked back since. "I have a passion for math and physics and I genuinely enjoy being able to pass that knowledge onto the next generations to come," he says. Kevin has tutored all high school levels of math, physics, chemistry, and earth science (standard, regents, honors, AP), as well as the SAT, SAT II (math I, math II, physics, chemistry), and ACT exams. In total, he has worked with approximately 500+ students over the years between tutoring sessions and working at St Anthony's High School and Cabrillo High School.

"I believe that learning is done best through failure," Kevin says. "I learned this the hard way -- my academic career through college was extremely difficult and I was not prepared enough for it, so I want to help the next generations not make the same mistakes I did." Kevin finds that students can learn best if they make connections in their own minds as opposed to him simply telling them what to do, so his style revolves around practice work and review.

Kevin played tennis and volleyball and ran track in high school, and he played intramural volleyball in college. In high school, he was involved in several clubs, including environmental club and Spanish club. He's an avid gamer and currently runs the Star Wars and gaming clubs at the high school where he teaches. A soon-to-be-dad, Kevin loves to cook and exercise with his wife.