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A strong SSAT score
goes a long way in
private secondary
school admission.


 Personalized Learning

Much of our success as a national leader in SSAT
tutoring stems from our dedication to creating a
customized SSAT course for each student,
one which addresses that student's unique needs
and capabilities. With a PrepNow SSAT course,
your child will receive the personalized attention
he or she needs to score highly on test day.

  Exceptional Instructors

From within our large pool of qualified tutors,
those who have demonstrated exceptional results
with other standardized testing formats and who
have experience working with younger students
are invited to undergo additional training on our
SSAT tutoring program. Our SSAT tutors are a
diverse yet elite group of educational professionals
who have a passion for helping children succeed.
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  In-Home Convenience

No need to drive your child anywhere. With our innovative Live Tutoring program, your child works with his or her SSAT tutor from the convenience of your home computer. It's like having a private tutor right at your kitchen table.

About PrepNow SSAT Tutoring

If you and your child are considering private secondary school, you will likely
need to submit SSAT or ISEE scores with your application. We have been preparing students for these exams for years, and believe our one-on-one approach is essential for the shorter attention spans of younger students.

Like all of our test preparation programs, your child’s SSAT or ISEE program
will begin with a full length practice test. This exam, which we use as an assessment, is run through our computerized diagnostic program to provide
the Program Manager and your child’s tutor with a detailed analysis of his or
her strengths and weaknesses.

Once we decide on the best instructor for your child’s specific needs, we begin tutoring. Lessons focus on classic test preparation techniques, content review, and practice. As the program continues we will regularly monitor your child’s progress, and if necessary, make adjustments to our plan.

The overall goal is to ensure that each student feels confident and prepared on test day, and that your child scores at or above his or her potential. We have a strong track record, and our students have gone on to some of the most prestigious private and boarding schools in the world.

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David W. $260 per hour

An expert tutor, David has eight years of experience tutoring students in ACT and SAT prep and various academic subjects. He employs a learner-centered approach that is tuned to the learning style of the student.

Bachelor's in Psychology, Trinity International University
Master's in Spirituality And Healing, Wheaton College

Juggling, Reading, Exercise

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Indira S. $160 per hour

"Because I have background in both mathematics and the sciences (chemical engineering) as well as the humanities (archaeology and ancient languages), I can move easily between topics and feel at home in all subjects," says tutor Indira S., who has tutored students at all levels of education, from kindergarten through college, in a wide range of topics.

Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering, Manhattan College
Master's in Near Eastern Languages And Civ., Yale University

Archaeology, Museums, Knitting

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Jessica B. $160 per hour

"I believe that every student is capable of learning the material, and I use a very individualized approach to make sure they understand," says tutor Jessica B. A Master's student in Biomedical Sciences, Jess has taught and tutored for almost ten years.

Bachelor's in Poli Sci., University Of Southern California
Master's in Poli Sci/American Gov't, George Washington University

Backpacking, Knitting, Board Games

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Nancy S. $110 per hour

"I love tutoring because you can tailor the lesson to the student's needs," says tutor Nancy S. "Skip the stuff they know well, spend extra time on their tough subjects, and go into more depth with their interests." A tutor for 20 years, Nancy has worked with all grades and subjects.

Bachelor's in Education, University Of Michigan
Master's in Math, UCLA

Music, Sewing, Skiing