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PrepNow Tutor - Lennie A.

Photo of Lennie A.
Lennie's Bio

In his junior year in high school, Lennie did very well on the national Putnam Math exam and was sought after by insurance companies to be an actuary. Instead, with several other math awards and scholarships, he earned his bachelor's in mathematics from Northeastern University, followed by his PhD in mathematics from Cornell University.

He developed a love for teaching while in graduate school. "I enjoy helping students to learn and get the satisfaction of seeing their excitement when they understand the material," he says.

He worked as a professor of mathematics, computer science and physics for more than 40 years at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and the University of Kentucky. He served as Chair of both the mathematics department and later, the computer science department, which he split off and developed as a separate department. As Chair, he supervised faculty and helped design new courses. He also ran the Academic Computer Center for a year. Outside of education, Lennie worked as a professional computer consultant developing software for doctors, lawyers and police departments.

He has taught at all levels of mathematics, from the simplest algebra to advanced differential equations. He has also tutored many college students over the years, and for the past two years he has been tutoring fourth graders.

"My teaching and tutoring style is to get the students to THINK about what they are doing," Lennie says. "I find that most students have a fear of math or a fear of getting a wrong answer. I encourage them to understand all the facts given to them and what they need to do to get to the right answer. Most of all they must check the answer!" In contrast to some math teachers, Lennie encourages students to solve problems in whatever way they know how, even if that differs from the teacher's method.

In high school, Lennie was in Weather Watchers Club and Science Club. In college, Lennie played intramural softball, volleyball, and basketball and was part of the math club.

These days, he is "very much enjoying retirement!" He spends time gardening and being with his six grandchildren. "I enjoy them immensely, especially helping them to learn," he says. He likes collecting coins and solving math puzzles, brainteasers and strategy games. Most profitable hobby? Metal detecting. A few years ago, while metal detecting on his wife's birthday, he found the perfect birthday present--a gold wedding band with some small diamonds on it!