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PrepNow Tutor - Amberley V.

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Amberley's Bio

A fun tutor and future doctor, Amberley loves meeting new people, learning, and teaching. She recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BS in natural sciences and, for the past six years, she has worked as a researcher in both lab and clinical settings. As a student, Amberley received the Hodson Trust Scholarship for academic achievement and leadership potential and the Johns Hopkins University Grant for continuous academic achievement. In addition to tutoring, she is currently seeking employment in clinical research.

Amberley started tutoring test prep in high school as a way to earn credits for the National and Science Honor Society. “I have always loved helping and encouraging people to have fun while learning,” she says. While in college, she was a member of Youth Library Tutorial, through which she tutored local K-12 students at public libraries in every subject. She has worked with students with special needs and has also completed private test prep tutoring.

When asked about her approach to tutoring, Amberley says, “I like asking guided questions, encouraging critical thinking, and brainstorming techniques to approach a problem. I think it is more important to understand the way a question is asking you to think than to just memorize techniques for answering them.” However, Amberley believes that brainstorming is the most important technique to learn for when a student approaches a question they don't immediately know how to complete.

In college, Amberley was part of an E-sports league and did Hackathons with her friends. In high school, she was a member of the wind ensemble, marching band, and quiz bowl. She loves listening to, writing, and performing music and she plays accordion for a pop-punk polka band. Amberley recently earned her EMT certification and is a volunteer for her local fire department.

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