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As an educator, Yinan believes all students can overcome their academic struggles and so provides them with different ways of looking at material and problems until the right one clicks. Yinan received his BA in marketing from Villanova University. Yinan’s passion lies in tutoring and acting and has performed in numerous parades, shows, and films for two major film studios.

Yinan was taught math from a very young age and was encouraged to participate in extracurricular math studies and clubs. In middle school and high school, Yinan helped his peers struggling in math by writing study guides that succinctly broke down the material for them. After college, Yinan became a private tutor for middle and high school mathematics, covering algebra, geometry, precalculus, and trigonometry. He also tutors test prep for the SAT and SAT Math,

Yinan’s teaching style is patient, providing multiple examples to make the material accessible. For students to achieve full comprehension, Yinan builds up his students’ foundation of confidence and knowledge after breaking down the basics. The goal Yinan sets out for his students to achieve by the end of their studies is that they no longer struggle with the “how” of the material but can instead independently consider the “why”.

Though Yinan graduated with a BA in marketing, he took many theater classes. His passion for acting led him to complete the Disney College Program. He’s been a part-time cast member for Disney Entertainment and has been a part of several television specials featuring Disney and Universal characters, only no one knows it’s him. He has many interests outside of acting and education, though. Right now, he’s learning about investing in the stock market, forex, and futures. To relax, he enjoys playing video games and cooking.

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