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PrepNow Tutor - Christopher J.

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Christopher's Bio

Chris earned his Bachelor's in Math/Statistics and Spanish from Washington University in St. Louis. After leaving college, he worked for a year as a substitute teacher, private tutor and basketball coach. He was then presented with an opportunity to play professional basketball. "I try to make decisions that will leave me with no regrets," he says, so he took the opportunity. He played basketball for nine seasons, predominantly in South America.

"Playing basketball internationally was a great experience," Chris says. "No degree or title can compare to being deeply immersed in another culture where you can have local experiences, learn the local language and meet amazing people."

During his last three seasons, he began working as an online tutor, and upon his "retirement" from basketball, he returned to substitute teaching, tutoring and coaching, which he has been doing for the past three years.

Tutoring initially "just fell in my path," Chris says. In college, as a junior and senior he led weekly tutoring sessions in Calculus, and was also a TA in the Spanish department, where he led two secondary classes a week. Tutoring seemed like a natural extension. "The best part about it is easily the 'light bulb' moment, that instant where you can see that a student understands a concept," he says. During his years as a basketball player, he even did some informal work with teammates and others close to the team.

"My style is not to have a style," Chris says. "I adjust to needs of the students. I believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach. In the end, it all comes down to being able to communicate with the student effectively, so I tend to read the student more than impose anything on my end."

In high school, Chris played volleyball and basketball, and was also in the chess club. In college, he continued to play basketball, and "dabbled" in the high jump for the track team senior year.

Chris describes himself as a "work hard--play hard kind of person." He still plays basketball, of course. "I have dunked a basketball in all 50 states!" he says. Lately, he has gotten into kickball, as well. "I'll do just about anything competitive," he says. Fun fact: In person, Chris is especially careful when meeting new students--at 6 ft. 7 in., he says, "I know that I can be an intimidating figure!"