A Note on COVID-19
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A Note on COVID-19

Dear Parent - One could argue that kids already have too much to worry about, and against that backdrop the evolving COVID-19 outbreak is creating new levels of anxiety and uncertainty. Whether you're a current or prospective client, we want to emphasize our ability to support your family through these challenging times.

The most important thing for you to know about our operations is that we're a national leader in online tutoring. We began developing this capability a decade ago, and in the intervening years we've become leading experts at the effective delivery of online tutoring. During that time we've delivered more than 16,000 online tutoring programs, which amounts to almost 500,000 hours of one-to-one, online instruction. We've invested heavily in custom technology to make online instruction more effective, and today more than half of our programs each year are online. As such, we are well positioned to help you navigate the current challenges, and to provide continuity of programs for your child during this period when on-site or in-home tutoring are inadvisable.

And keep in mind that online tutoring is not a step-down in educational quality - through years of collecting data we have found that our online student outcomes are basically identical to what we have achieved through face-to-face instruction, and the kids love it. They were born into these technologies and adopt them readily and effectively.

We're your partner in navigating these challenging times and ensuring that your child feels like things are under control. We're here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you need it.

- The PrepNow Team


  • 16,000 Online Programs
  • ~500,000 Hours of Online Instruction
  • Custom Online Tutoring Technology
  • Exceptional Student Outcomes
  • 10 Years of Online Tutoring Experience
  • 600 Online Tutors Available Right Now

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